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We develop innovative solutions that contribute directly or indirectly to the improvement of our living environment. If you really want to make a difference in achieving a cleaner world, you need three types of knowledge. Technical knowledge, knowledge of the market, and legislation and regulation knowledge. At Xeamos we have combined all these types of knowledge in order to develop and realise innovative solutions in the areas of ‘Clean Gas’ and ‘Hot Gas’: emission reduction and burner technology.


Emission reduction

Xeamos supplies systems for cleaning exhaust gases. Emission reduction systems make a direct contribution to a better environment. We are strong in combining catalysts, diesel particle filters and silencers. We design and manufacture standard and tailor-made systems  for various applications and markets, all based on proven technology.


Industrial burners and heaters

For specific applications Xeamos supplies standard and tailor-made burner- and heater systems that allow our customers to make their products and processes more efficient and cleaner. Our diesel burner systems are used for active regeneration of diesel particle filters. Our, in house developed, diesel burners, gas burners and electrical heaters are applied to create hot gases or heat for industrial processes.